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Women Out On The Road

Women cycling together is such great fun! Watch this brief video clip of women riding in a group. If you have an interest in cycling with other women but don’t know where to start, go to your local bike shop to ask about women’s cycling clubs in your area.


What Is Restorative Yoga?

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative Yoga was invented by B.K.S. Iyengar who is regarded as one of the greatest yoga masters in the world. This gentle style of yoga provides healing for both the body and the mind. Because you are holding poses for longer periods of time, it allows your body and muscles to relax into a pose.


Dr. Cat Loves Cycling

Her smile infectious, her personality engaging. Cat’s adventures have taken her all over the world, experiencing both triumphs and disaster. She is candid about her long distance cycling adventures.


Age Is A State of Mind

Sue Karbach doesn’t know anyone her age who rides a bike, although she has ridden with a couple of ladies in their early to mid-seventies.  Sue turned 80 last year and wishes more women...


Q & A with a P.T. – Franklin Ortiz, D.P.T.

Most people think of P.T.’s (Physical Therapist’s) when they need rehab to heal from some sort of injury.  Would it be fair to say that Physical Therapists are sought out just as often for...


Bicycle Safety, Start Them Young

You purchased a bike for your  child, have you also taught them them safe cycling practices?  Check out this video and age appropriate quiz for your child’s age group, (Age 5 to 9, 10...

Achieve Your Resolutions In 2017 0

Achieve Your Resolutions In 2017

Every year at this time, friends and family alike talk about making “resolutions” for the coming New Year. People make all sorts of resolutions including; weight loss, exercise, eating better, getting out of debt,...