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Photo (c) Julio Barajas


Bicycling is a great way to stay active and an enjoyable sport to go out and sight-see. It’s also a great way to lose weight, stay healthy and set some goals. The key to losing weight is keeping active consistently, and actively sticking to your nutrition and daily goals. This is where it can get difficult and for some, can prove to be challenging at staying motivated.

One way to keep yourself motivated and on track to a healthy new you is by signing up for a local sportive. These events can range from short to long distance bike rides (not a race), swimming, a short 3-mile run, or all three of them together. There are plenty of events throughout the year that you’ll be sure to find in your area to be a part of, especially through spring and summer months.

Photo (c) Julio Barajas

Registering for such an event will help keep you mindful of staying fit, eating healthy, staying active and overall mentally preparing for that event. You’ll be less likely to reach for that piece of cake, and go for a healthier option in order to perform your best.

You’ll also be supporting a local charity or national cause as any registration fees for these events go towards that charity. That’s a great way to help others, complete your goal for the year or month, and earn a medal.

Whatever your goals are this year, staying healthy and having fun should be the sole goal of being a part of the bicycling community. You’ll be able to influence others into doing the same and become the encouragement for others that you learned to build for yourself.

Tip: Registering early before the event date could save you a few bucks as most of these events use this fee’s to fund the event itself, and in doing so give out a discount for early registrants.

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