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L.A’s Dr. Ben Benham on Skincare

“Eighty percent (80%) of skin damage occurs by age eighteen (18). So most younger adults, females particularly, come in for skin checks…basically have all their moles checked and make sure they don’t have any form of skin-cancers or pre-cancers.


CicLAVia – A Day to Remember

The California Highway Patrol distributed an array of goodies to delight kids in particular and riders of all ages, e.g. high visibility snap on bracelets encouraging riders to be safe, be seen, be smart as well as providing new bike helmets which they fitted for kids without helmets. (By law, all bicycle riders under the age of 18 must wear a bicycle helmet while riding on public roads. CVC §21212)


Cycling Coast to Coast

It was certainly an adventure, cycling cross country in all kinds of weather from May through July with beautiful scenery along the way. Watch the video.


Tour Divide Mountain Bike Route

Ever heard of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route? It’s only the longest dirt touring route in the world at 2, 750 miles (4,425 kilometers) with 150,000+ feet (45,720 meters) of climbing.


Five Countries, Eighteen Days

Ever contemplated riding a bicycle long distance? Watch this family (Click HERE) as they take a cycling trip to the Swiss Alps through Slovakia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. If it’s your first adventure of this type, you may not want to venture out on your own.


Top 10 Tips for Female Cyclists

Pro Cyclist Tiffany Cromwell offers women her Top 10 list of things they can do to become better cyclists: Ride with the guys, makes you a stronger rider. Nutrition – eat healthy on the...


My Stolen Bike’s 5,000 Mile Journey

This past January, after a few days of rain, I was ready to get back on my bike with my local women’s bike club, which I ride with two to three times a week. I had a new road bike, but it was in the shop, so I decided to ride my special old “movie bike.”


Register for a Sportive

One way to keep yourself motivated and on track to a healthy new you is by signing up for a local sportive. These events can range from short to long distance bike rides (not a race), swimming, a short 3-mile run, or all three of them together.


Order Your Team Jersey!

If you love to ride you’ll love wearing our Women Bicycling TOUR Jersey. Custom made with upgraded soft, comfortable performance fabrics, offered in three fit styles (Slim, Standard and Relaxed) for a personally tailored fit. Order yours today!