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Facts to Save Your Own Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Did you know that cancer of the skin is the most common of cancers and can occur year round? Don’t think that because it’s no longer summer or because it’s a cloudy day, raining or you’re snow skiing that your skin is safe from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.


A New Dawn in Genetic Medicine

An exciting time in the history of the world of genetic research. LUXTURNA™ is not just the first investigational drug to be approved for a genetic disease in the United States but the first ever to reach the level of being reviewed by the FDA for approval.


3rd Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk

Save the Date! Please invite your family and friends to come out and support the eradication of autoimmune diseases by registering to participate at the 3rd Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk, November 11th, 2017. Where? Culver City Park, 9800 Jefferson Blvd. (corner of Duquesne), Culver City, CA


What’s Lurking in Your Laundry?

You’ve been out cycling, arrive home hot and sweaty, decide you need to run an errand or two, make a few calls, send a couple texts, or perhaps pick up a few things at...


RP The Ride of My Life

Do you know a special someone who somehow manages to smile, be kind, loving and generous all while fighting a rare disease?  Nancy is one of those special women.  Throughout her life she was...