The Power of One Great Idea

Ole Kassow pictured Left

Cycling Without Age was born!

To change the world all it takes is one great idea, an idea that touches hearts and changes lives for the better.   A Dane by the name of Ole Kassow rode his bicycle to work daily.   Ole saw a 97 year old nursing home resident sitting on a bench and  decided he would pick this man  up at the nursing home in a rickshaw, cycling around town taking the senior for a ride down memory lane.  Word traveled fast and soon all the seniors at the nursing home wanted a ride in Ole’s rickshaw.  Out of this one great idea was born,”Cycling Without Age.”  Volunteers soon joined Ole with rickshaws to give nursing home patients the thrill of being outdoors again and feeling the wind on their faces and in their hair, especially the non ambulatory patients.  If you ride a bike, you ‘ll know the joy this feeling brings.

Making so many seniors happy

Since it’s inception, “Cycling Without Age” has spread to 41 countries bringing immeasurable happiness to countless senior citizens.   Click HERE to watch video. Do you have a great idea to make the world a better place?

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