Cycling Is Amazing!

Watch this video entitled, “The Wind In Our Hair” where young girls and women alike describe what cycling means to them.  Cycling improves overall health, weight, mental state, self esteem, imparts joy, pride in accomplishment and so much more!  As one lady said, “Just try it…it can become a really awesome part of your life.”

If you want to start cycling and see how fun it can be, why not go to your local bike store and ask if they know of any women’s cycling clubs in your area. Your local bike store can be a great help in getting your started.  The main thing they will want to know is, what type of cycling would you like to do?  This will help the bike store know what kind of bike you should purchase.  Be sure and test ride two or three different bikes and get a pro bike fitting. There are many options for women cycling as you will see in this video.  Make bike riding a part of your healthy lifestyle.  You are bound to feel some of the same emotions these little girls and women feel.  Riding a bike can amazing!

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