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3rd Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk

Save the Date! Please invite your family and friends to come out and support the eradication of autoimmune diseases by registering to participate at the 3rd Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk, November 11th, 2017. Where? Culver City Park, 9800 Jefferson Blvd. (corner of Duquesne), Culver City, CA

The Bridge Between

Quote – “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn

What Is Restorative Yoga?

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative Yoga was invented by B.K.S. Iyengar who is regarded as one of the greatest yoga masters in the world. This gentle style of yoga provides healing for both the body and the mind. Because you are holding poses for longer periods of time, it allows your body and muscles to relax into a pose.

L.A.’s World Naked Bike Ride 2017

An event held around the world in twenty countries and in seventy cities from Boston, Mass to Los Angeles, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina to Brisbane, Australia, a truly global event.

Best Rides in the USA

Ever wondered what’s considered “the best” bike ride in your home state?  The word “best” meaning “excelling all others” is debatable.   If a ” lung-sucking grunt up 2,500-foot Mt. Tamalpaisis” on the west coast,...

8 Best Bike Rides in SoCal

Most of the following bike routes will be familiar to avid cyclists in Southern California.  Be aware of your fitness level before venturing out onto any one of the mountainous routes listed in the...

Should Women Purchase Women’s Specific Bikes?

So you’re interested in purchasing a road bike.  Is it important to purchase a road bike especially made for a woman or does it matter?   What are the differences between men’s and women’s...

Can An Adult Learn To Ride a Bike?

Have you never learned to ride a bike as a child and think it’s too late now?  Au contraire!  If you consider yourself a neophyte when it comes to riding a bike, you’ll first...

Quote – Lee Papa – On Shining Your Inner Light

Lee Papa – MINDFULNESS, Speaker|Trainer|Author Mindful MakeoversTM | MindfulLee (TM) The Women Bicycling Logo is a Registered Trademark of