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Blood Road a Documentary

“Blood Road” is a documentary released in 2017, produced by Red Bull Media House. More than a film documenting a 46year old woman’s emotional trek on a mountain bike as she and a local cycle the 1,200miles (1,930km) to reach a Vietnam war era crash site. Rebecca Rusch was 3 years old and daughter of an Air Force pilot shot down during the Vietnam war and reported missing in action in 1972. Capt. Steven Rusch was the father she never knew.

Pic of the Day!

Californians are known for owning and driving clean cars. The weather is optimal for enjoying these classics, not having snow or salted roads to ruin the paint. You will recall one favorite celebrity that has an enormous collection of vintage classic automobiles in his garage in Burbank

Buyer’s Guide: Helmet’s

Shopping for a new helmet and need to know what to look for? In this article, we’ll be covering topics such as aerodynamics, comfort, breath-ability, and most importantly safety.

Before considering purchase of a helmet for its style, comfort, and breath ability, be sure it meets Bicycle Helmet Standards. These standards are put in place to ensure helmet manufacturers are accountable while analyzing the safety of their products and meet requirements.

Women Bicycling – Pic of the Day

Love destination riding? That’s when you get on your bike and ride to see something of interest or enjoy a cafe with good eats. And if you love music, you are bound to enjoy this Women Bicycling Pic of the Day! There isn’t a music fan around that wouldn’t recognize the eyes behind these shades.

Linking Together for a Cure

Do you know what the major cause of serious chronic disease is in America? The answer – autoimmune disease of which there are more than 100 types. ARRDA (Auto Immune Related Diseases Association, Inc.) explains, “One of the functions of the immune system is to protect the body by responding to invading microorganisms, such as viruses or bacteria

Girl Age 4 Teaches How to Ride

Watch this confident 4 year old explain how to ride a bike without training wheels. Learning to ride a bike took her and her 3 year old sister one day to master. If you want your children or grandchildren to learn to ride, don’t forget safety gear.

Super Highway Just for Bikes

Would you be more inclined to ride a bicycle if a super highway were built in your community where your safety and convenience had been taken into consideration and incorporated into the design? Imagine cycling in your neighborhood for eleven miles without stopping, while enjoying peace of mind where shrubs, flowers and scenic vistas encompass your every view. Clearly not all bike paths are created equal,

Finding Motivation to Ride

Can’t count how many times I set out to ride only to find myself too busy, too tired, and most of the time unmotivated to make the effort. There’s definitely a long list of excuses we can come up with, “The weather is bad, my bike isn’t ready, I’m not ready, probably get dropped on that one hill, don’t know if I’ll make it on time, the cat probably needs me at home.”

How To Change a Flat Tire

Are you prepared to change a flat? If you said no, then you should probably expect a long walk home at some point. Getting a flat tire on a ride is a matter of “if” not “when”. Even the most conscientious of cyclists get a flat once in awhile. It’s easy to prepare. Start by purchasing a saddle bag large enough for a new tube, a set of levers and means to inflate the tube. If you are not sure what size or type of tube to purchase, ask your local bike shop for assistance.

Pic of the Day – I Love Lucy

If you enjoy cycling and viewing public art, you will enjoy cycling around Culver City, California, also known as “The Heart of Screenland.” If you didn’t already know it, Culver City is where Hollywood movies are really made.