Beach Cities Cycling Club Makes the Grade

Photo (c) Beach Cities Cycling Club

Congratulations to Beach Cities Cycling Club, pronounced by as one of ” 7 great biking groups across the country that tick all of those boxes…and then some…. among the best for riding, exploring, socializing, and otherwise enjoying all the amazing perks that group cycling has to offer.”

Beach Cities Cycling Club (BCCC) is a non profit 501 (3) (c) corporation based in Redondo Beach, California.  A co-ed group considered the largest cycling club in the South Bay (Southern California).  BCCC was founded in 2006  by Jim Hannon and his “buddies” and made up of recreational cyclists who place emphasis on safe cycling.

Club ride leaders are safe cycling trained, with additional training on what to do in the unlikely event of an accident.  While  BCCC is an adult cycling club, they offer a Youth Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education Program to school children in the South Bay area.  Schools are invited to contact BCCC to schedule a Bicycle Safety Education Program on their campus. (Click Youth Ped/Bicycle Safety Link for contact info.)

BCCC members advocate for better cycling infrastructure including additional bike lanes, sharrows and safety measures that make cycling safer for everyone.  Members also participate in charity/fund raising events such as Wounded Heroes Foundation and Best Buddies.  After every ride friendships are formed and strengthened over coffee and post ride refreshments.

And for those who enjoy attending the largest arts and crafts fair in Southern California, “Fiesta Hermosa” featuring hundreds of craftspeople they need not worry about locating a parking space for their cars and hiking to the event anymore.  Thanks to BCCC, attendees can cycle to the event and enjoy free bike parking in whats known as a “Bike Corral,” assured that their bikes are in safe hands freeing attendees to enjoy the event.  Thousands have taken advantage of this free service to date.

For more information on Beach Cities Cycling Club, click HERE.


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