Protected Bike Lanes

City of Los Angeles

Late November 2019, Los Angeles Councilman José Huizar officiated a ribbon cutting ceremony opening the Main and Spring Forward project,  to, “prioritize people over cars.”  Both N. Main Street (east of City Hall) and S. Spring Street (west of City Hall) are one way streets. This new project converted the bike lane on each of these two streets into two-way protected bike lanes.  Cost to taxpayers to add bicycle signals, loop detectors, signage, plastic bollards (which are short posts set at intervals to delimit an area to exclude vehicles) was $2.3 million dollars. These modifications were made we are told, to make cycling these streets more convenient for cyclists and discourage the hazardous practice by some, of cycling the wrong direction on a one way street.

Sister Cities Sign – LA City Hall backdrop

As of December 2019, the City of LA has a total of 19.4 lane miles of protected bike lanes. (2nd St., Anaheim St., Balboa Blvd, Figueroa St, Los Angeles St., Main St., Monterey Rd., Reseda Blvd., Spring St., Van Nuys Blvd., Venice Blvd.)

For a city as large as Los Angeles, there is a lot more work to be done to add a network of protected bike lanes and a great deal more taxpayer dollars required to pay for addition and or conversion.  For detailed locations of current LA cities protected bike lanes click HERE.  The City of NY by comparison is adding approximately twenty (20) new miles annually, with approximately 126 miles of protected bike lanes already completed.


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