Five Countries, Eighteen Days

Ever contemplated riding a bicycle long distance?  Watch this family (Click HERE) as they take a cycling trip to the Swiss Alps through Slovakia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. If it’s your first adventure of this type, you may not want to venture out on your own.  There are companies worldwide who specialize in group rides, prearrange your meals, lodging, etc.  A “SAG” vehicle typically travels along with you.  SAG stands for “support and gear”.   This type of support is common during bike races, cycling tours, etc. providing food, water, energy drinks, tire pumps, tools and bike parts.  They are ready to make bike repairs or give you a lift to the end of the event if need be.

Be inspired by the scenery in this video and consider planning a cycling adventure with family and friends.  Book your cycling adventure with a reputable cycling company and make new friends who share your interest in riding bicycles.  Happy Trails!


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