Women on Mountain Bikes, Woohoo!

Bike Life – New Zealand

Mountain bike (MTB) riding is an invigorating sport.  If you thought it solely enjoyed by men, think again.  Watch  these New Zealand women take to the trails having lot’s of fun, encouraged by other women who have discovered the joys of mountain bike riding.

Feel intimidated, not sure how to ride a mountain bike?  A woman by the name of Bonnie Tu, of Giant Bicycles, founded the brand “Liv “ in 2008 when she couldn’t find the right gear or bikes to ride.    Check out some of the videos Liv Cycling has on their “101 Mountain Bike Skills Page” to mentor and encourage women in their mountain biking skills.

Did you know that every year, the first Saturday in May is International Women’s Mountain Biking Day? According to IMBA (International Bicycling Association), this is a day for women to celebrate, “experience, share and express their love of mountain biking.”


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