Remember Your First?

Can you recall how old you were when you got your very first bicycle?  Not counting a tricycle I was seven years old and tall for my age.  It was a brand new red and white Schwinn with a large basket and horn.  Still recall how excited I was. That bicycle provided me countless hours of fun.  It was uncommon to see children riding with helmets in those days.  Thankfully I never fell and cracked my head open.  We’ve come a long way since then, realizing the importance of a great bike fit and of the importance of protecting a great asset – our brain, by wearing a proper fitting helmet.

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If you are getting excited about the weather change and thinking about purchasing a bicycle for you and or your child, don’t forget the importance of purchasing the correct size of bike.  Just like buying a good pair of shoes, you don’t want your bike to be too large or too small.  A proper fitting bicycle cannot be overstated.  Never purchase a bike on E-Bay, Craigslist, etc.  You don’t know if the bike has a cracked frame (very dangerous), has been stolen or is in disrepair.  Buy from a reputable local bike shop near you.  The salesperson will ensure your purchase fits you and or your child and they will be available if you need any adjustments or assistance purchasing other quality bike accessories.

An improper fitting bike can cause physical problems with your neck, back, wrists, etc.  Always purchase a new helmet, never from a garage sale or a hand-me-down.  Bike helmets have a shelf life which varies according to the manufacturer.  The interior of the helmet degrades over time due to heat. Never store your helmet in the trunk of your car, in your garage or any other place that may be hot. Remember it’s your brain you are protecting.  Here’s to hoping you find the joy there is in riding a bike this summer.  Cycling can help to improve your fitness level, improve your mood and provide you and your family with many happy memories.  Happy trails!


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