Key to Longevity – Keep Active

Take some good advice from this Baton Rouge , Louisiana centenarian. Keep active, have multiple interests; exercise, gardening, books, friends, running, etc.  Keep busy if you can, it’s important to remain active, engaged for a longer, healthier life.  Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins is the oldest competitor in a field of female athletes aged 30 to 104!  “Hurricane” Hawkins first began competing at the tender age of one hundred. She was a cyclist before that.  By age 102 she had broken three world records.  Ms. Hawkins race of choice is the 50 and 100 meter sprint events.  Best time in the 100-meter dash is 39.62 seconds. Her next race the USATF Masters National Indoor Track & Field Championship at LSU, her Alma mater, , where she studied education in the 1930’s.

She has become an internet sensation inspiring more people than she can imagine.  Watch video HERE.


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