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My Stolen Bike’s 5,000 Mile Journey

This past January, after a few days of rain, I was ready to get back on my bike with my local women’s bike club, which I ride with two to three times a week. I had a new road bike, but it was in the shop, so I decided to ride my special old “movie bike.”


Road Essentials: Part 1

There are a few staple items you should bring along on every ride no matter the distance or whether riding solo or with a group. Here are a few essentials:


Road Essentials Part 2

Flat Repair: Be prepared for any punctures by carrying a Co2 pump or a hand pump. A Co2 pump is a small cartridge of co2 that will typically have an attachment that will be...


Heart Rate Monitors

Monitoring your heart rate in real time can help to know your current effort, and know when to push a little harder or ease up. Although it may not be as concrete of a number as a power meter it can still be useful for those who are looking into upping their training to gain strength, endurance, or doing watch their effort while on a recovery ride.


Importance of Cycling Eye Wear

Never underestimate the importance of wearing cycling eye wear. Beyond looking fashionable and protecting your eyes from bright light, eye wear offers valuable protection from harmful UV rays and potential flying debris,