Road Essentials: Part 1

Photo (c) Julio Barajas

There are a few staple items you should bring along on every ride no matter the distance or whether riding solo or with a group. Here are a few essentials:

Hydration bottle: The usual recommendation of hydration is 16oz per hour, so plan accordingly based on the amount of time spent cycling. (Pro Tip: Take an extra bottle full of plain water on those hot days to pour over your head and cool off)

Photo (c) Julio Barajas

Snacks: Always bring more than you think you will need when it comes to on the road snacks. Know your limits and recognize that bringing enough gels, fruit snacks and hydration powder will be important to keep you going.

Emergency ID: Carrying your medical insurance card or a RoadID bracelet will help anyone providing you aid, assist emergency responders and provide emergency contacts information should you get in an accident.

Photo (c) Julio Barajas

Saddle bag: Saddle bags or straps will take a load off of your jersey pocket for other more immediate things like energy gels, keys, or mobile phone. Saddle bags can also help with keeping your riding essentials free from outside elements.

Cash: With the ease of digital pay and carrying cards for a form a payment, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash in case you are not able to pay digitally.


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