Take Care of Yourself – Ride a Bike!

During the Corona Virus pandemic you have been told you should stay home, cook, binge watch t.v., play board games, listen to podcasts, take a walk, just RELAX!  You have been cooped up for weeks now and for many this is not a restful state of being.  You may have been busy cooking, let’s hope there was no binge eating to add to your stress level.  For some their job may be in jeopardy, money tight.   You feel your stress level building, depression sets in.  Some may even experience suicidal thoughts.  These are all unintended consequences of a major health crisis such as this.

Of course you want to follow the rules.  You dutifully wear your mask when you go out and observe social distancing.  It goes without saying however, that exercise is key for ones mental, emotional and physical well being.  So what should you do?  Get on your bike!  The exertion of a ride will clear your mind, elevate your mood and provide a much needed outlet to pedal your blues away.  Cycling is a wonderful exercise that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  When your mood is elevated you begin to see the world in a better light.  You can say to yourself with confidence, “this too shall pass.”  This pandemic will end, in the meantime I will take care of my families mental, emotional and physical health.  Enjoy your ride!

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