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Red Bike Pic of the Day!

  This Red Bike Pic of the Day painted in 1979 by artist Kent Twitchell measures 20′ x 110′.  The woman pictured (Marta Chaffee Stang) is one of  six (6) artists pictured in the...

Protected Bike Lanes

There are less than twenty lane miles of protected bike lanes in the City of Los Angeles for cyclists to enjoy, with a great deal more work to be done to make Los Angeles City streets safe for cyclists, which comes with a hefty price tag for taxpayers.

Women’s Lib & the Bicycle

If you are a woman cycling in the twenty-first century, you will probably be grateful you don’t have to don a corset and long dress when cycling.

Red Bike Pic of the Day!

This Red Bike Pic of the day mural located in Venice, California entitled, “Need $ For Rent” is a simple expression of an enormous multifaceted problem in what was once called, “The “Golden State.”

My Stolen Bike’s 5,000 Mile Journey

This past January, after a few days of rain, I was ready to get back on my bike with my local women’s bike club, which I ride with two to three times a week. I had a new road bike, but it was in the shop, so I decided to ride my special old “movie bike.”

Red Bike Pic of the Day!

Loren is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. This Red Bike Pic of the Day is located in Venice, California.

Register for a Sportive

One way to keep yourself motivated and on track to a healthy new you is by signing up for a local sportive. These events can range from short to long distance bike rides (not a race), swimming, a short 3-mile run, or all three of them together.