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Five Countries, Eighteen Days

Ever contemplated riding a bicycle long distance? Watch this family (Click HERE) as they take a cycling trip to the Swiss Alps through Slovakia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. If it’s your first adventure of this type, you may not want to venture out on your own.

2020 Top 9 Electric Cargo Bikes

Can you see yourself riding an electric cargo bike? Check out this video to be introduced to the following brands; Benno Boost, Butchers and Bicycles Riese and Muller Load, Tern, Urban Arrow Family & the Xtracycle.

How to Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Incorrect saddle height, bonking means you haven’t eaten enough to have sufficient energy for your ride, not carrying proper tools and tubes in case of flat, not wearing proper gear in weather, maintain bike properly, expending too much energy to soon, grabbing brakes too hard, choosing the wrong gear, don’t wear panties w/cycling shorts.

Top 10 Tips for Female Cyclists

Pro Cyclist Tiffany Cromwell offers women her Top 10 list of things they can do to become better cyclists: Ride with the guys, makes you a stronger rider. Nutrition – eat healthy on the...

Take Care of Yourself – Ride a Bike!

During the Corona Virus pandemic you have been told you should stay home, cook, binge watch t.v., play board games, listen to podcasts, take a walk, just RELAX! You have been cooped up for weeks now and for many this is not a restful state of being.

Red Bike Pic of the Day!

  This Red Bike Pic of the Day painted in 1979 by artist Kent Twitchell measures 20′ x 110′.  The woman pictured (Marta Chaffee Stang) is one of  six (6) artists pictured in the...