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Red Bike Pic of the Day!

This enormous mural covers an entire wall of a business on Venice Blvd. The caption reads, “Sun’s Out Bun’s Out”.

Safe Cycling in the UK

… the theme these cyclists in the UK share in common with we westerners is to ride smart, ride safe, be predictable and communicate.

SHIFT National Bike Summit

The League of American Bicyclists 20th Anniversary event “SHIFT National Bike Summit will be held in Washington, DC & Arlington, VA on March 9th -12th this year.

Red Bike Pic of the Day

Another interesting mural, this one located on the east side of Lincoln Blvd., in Culver City, California. Is this Wonder Woman? Whoever she is it’s a cool mural.

Road Essentials: Part 1

There are a few staple items you should bring along on every ride no matter the distance or whether riding solo or with a group. Here are a few essentials:

Road Essentials Part 2

Flat Repair: Be prepared for any punctures by carrying a Co2 pump or a hand pump. A Co2 pump is a small cartridge of co2 that will typically have an attachment that will be...