Women’s Bike vs. Men’s Bike

Do Women Need A Women’s Specific Road Bike?

Of the many challenge’s women face in the sport of cycling, purchasing a bike can definitely be one of them. Should you purchase a women’s specific bike?
There are a number of manufacturers, e.g., Canyon, Trek, etc. that offer bikes that have been manufactured specifically for women offering choices for comfort by tailoring a bike’s geometry in the following ways:

1. Shorter reach from saddle to handlebars
Most woman have shorter torsos, and therefore a reach from the saddle to the handlebars is shortened by providing a shorter top tube, and sometimes, a longer head tube in order to achieve a more upright posture.
2. Smaller stem and narrow handlebars for shoulders (reach to shifters)
If you have narrow shoulders you will require a narrower handlebar. Consider distance to reach the handlebar to comfortably reach the shifters.
3. Shorter cranks
Shorter cranks help to avoid toe overlap (when the tip of your shoes touch the front wheel while turning the handlebar)
4. Specific saddle
Saddles must consider a woman’s “sit bones” which are known to be shorter and wider than men’s saddles. Your local bike shop can help ensure that you get a proper fitting.
5. Shorter top tube (reach)
A shorter top tube provides a shorter reach and avoids having to opt for shorter stems, therefore avoiding an unstable turn radius.
6. Smaller Wheels (650b)
Smaller sized road bikes (38cm, 46cm, and 48cm etc.) come with smaller wheels to provide better handling and also avoid toe overlap.
At the end of the day, your priority in selecting a bike that’s right for you and to insure proper fit and comfort to avoid neck, back and wrist injury. A bike that fits your body is key.

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