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Since the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) first implemented “Operation Firefly” (Operacíon Luciérnaga) in 2012 , more than 9000 bike lights have been distributed all over LA County with the aid of sponsors and of course volunteers like you. Some of the cyclists riding around LA County without lights don’t know the law while others don’t have the means to purchase lights.  Volunteering to help Operation Team Firefly to distribute lights and safety info is helping to make LA a safer place to ride.  
According to the Department of Motor Vehicles people who ride bicycles are considered vehicle operators and are required to obey the same Rules of the Road as motorists or be ticketed.  It’s the law!  This includes obeying all traffic signs, lane markings and signals.  Cyclists must ride the same direction as vehicle traffic.  If you are cycling next to and towards oncoming headlights you are on the wrong side of the road which is extremely dangerous!  Ride your bicycle at night only after you have taken the proper steps to insure that motorists can see you and you can see them.   Wear clothing that is light or bright.  Use retro-reflective tape or markings on your cycling equipment and or on your clothing.  Install a working headlight and rear reflector or flashing red tail light.   (California Vehicle Code – CVC21201)  Think safety and make yourself visible!
The LACBC are always seeking bilingual – English/Spanish speaking volunteers and the help of female volunteers to aid in distribution.  Females asking females who are riding at night without lights can more easily ask them to please stop so they can receive these bike lights and valuable safety info.  Distribution takes place all over LA County at appointed dates and times in the interest of public safety.  The program has continued every year since 2012.  The goal for winter 2017-2018 is to distribute 3,500 more lights.  These distributions typically occur after the time change in November, ending the first week of March, on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening, 4:30 – 7 pm.
Interested in volunteering?  Your financial support is also welcomed.
Volunteer for Operation Firefly  in Long Beach, Thursday, January 25th (Junipero Ave / Ocean Blvd) click HERE.
Volunteer in Long Beach, Wednesday, January 31, 2018,( Deukmejian Way / East State University Dr) HERE.
Sign-up/RSVP to Volunteer HERE.  Of course you are encouraged to invite your friends to help too.  Help make LA a safer place to ride!
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