Name 10 Top Common Cycling Mistakes

10 Top Cycling Mistakes:

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1.) Always pack a spare tube with means to inflate.  Take cash just in case of emergency.

2.) Always pack and take more food and water than you need on your ride.   Avoid “hitting the wall” or “bonking”, terms that refer to the awful feeling of sudden weakness and possible dizziness that comes over you when you haven’t consumed enough food to pedal.   Drink about one bottle of water every hour you ride to remain hydrated.  If you start to feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

3.) Don’t overreact to hazards by squeezing your brakes hard.  This reaction can cause a wreck.  Feather your brakes as you sit back in the saddle.

4.) Make sure your saddle height is correct.  As a novice you may want your local bike shop to assist in setting the proper height.  Mark height by placing a piece of electrical tape right at the frame.  A proper fit will ensure more power pedaling, helping prevent unnecessary discomfort or injury to your body while riding.

5.)  Never put cycling apparel in the dryer.  Follow manufacturers washing instructions to prolong the life of these delicate fabrics.  Wash apparel immediately after a ride to avoid additional bacteria build up.

6.) Practice clipping in and out of pedals early, before you reach intersections.  Practice helps avoid falling or crashing.

7.) Brake before you ride into a corner,  just as you would while driving a car.

8.) Clean and lubricate your bike chain regularly.  Take care not to use too much or the wrong type of lubricant.  Get in the habit of regularly cleaning and lubricating  your bike chain to prolong it’s life.  De grease the chain, lubricate and wipe off excess.  Excess lubricant will attract more dirt.

9.) Using incorrect gear or cadence.  Practice shifting to become comfortable with the gears, especially important when you approach a hill.

10.) Don’t wear underwear under your cycling shorts.  Cycling shorts are specifically made to be worn against your skin to wick perspiration.  Next time you get ready to grab a pair of underwear to put on under your cycling shorts, picture someone wearing a black suit wearing white socks and just don’t do it!

The more you ride and practice these skills the better you will become and a novice no more will you be.   Happy trails!

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