Cycling Is Especially Beneficial to Women

Fact:  Riding a bicycle offers women of all ages numerous health benefits both physical and mental.  You might think that because you have an old running injury or suffer from general stiffness, muscle tightness are overweight or generally inactive that cycling could not possibly be an option for you little lone a benefit.  Not so.  Decide to do something beneficial for your health today by adding some “me time” to your calendar, start riding a bike.

Need some alone time to clear your head from unwanted stress, go ride a bike.  Enjoy the fresh air, the scenery, get away from it all while getting exercise.  This feeling of freedom and the awakening of your senses in the great outdoors will revive your spirit by improving your mood.   Want to be part of a social activity with friends, go ride a bike.  The time spent cycling with friends brings encouragement and camaraderie.  Share problems, be encouraged while riding with your friends.  Just think of all the places you can ride your bike with friends.   Need some quality family time?  Gather your family and enjoy a bike ride together.   Ride to enjoy a picnic in the park together.  Not only do you get quality time with family but you teach your children how important exercise is all while having fun together free of cell phones,  t.v., and other mind numbing activities.
Riding a bicycle can make an enormous positive impact on your life.  The health and wellness benefits alone should be reason enough to cancel your plans to stare at the “boob tube” in yet another marathon session of (insert your favorite t.v. series name here.)  You may have fallen off the wagon with your New Year’s resolutions however, the year isn’t over yet.  What are you waiting for?

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