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Monica De Leon and Margaret Sandoval are “besties,” and co-founders of an all women’s cycling group known as, “en*COURAGE*her CYCLING,” based in Orange County, California.  The club recently celebrated their 2nd Anniversary.


The group is primarily made up of intermediate level female riders who enjoy social cycling on their road bikes cycling an average pace of 14-15 mph while they can get to know one another.  Margaret Sandoval explains, “Riding with other women (we meet) to share our love of cycling, food and a good time!  No QOMs, (Queen of the Mountains), no fees, no A, B group, no drop (for reals) and no pressure, just a ride to encourage, empower, educate and enjoy a good pastry.”  Their mission; “To bring the community of women cyclists together.”


Helmets are mandatory.  This is a road bike club who wants you to remember to bring a multi-tool, extra tube, CO2 or mini pump in case of flat, as well as nutrition and hydration on all your rides.  Encourage Her Cycling meets the second (2nd) and last Sunday of each month at a local Specialized store.  They have a no drop policy which means you won’t be left somewhere along the side of the road wondering why you joined them for a ride.  If there are any climbs along the way, they regroup at the top of each hill or turn and offer route slips with regroup points.  Elevation climbs are +/- 1000’ with cycling distances of +/- 30 miles.

Click HERE for a map to their ride meet-up location.   Meet at 8:30 am ready to roll by 9:00am.  Post ride coffee and snacks are provided.  Monica and Margaret would like you to RSVP HERE if you plan to join them for a ride.


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