2019 New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution



We all make them, but do we follow through to achieve the goals we intended when we make our New Years resolutions?  Resolving to do something means that we make a firm decision about it, such as resolving to get more sleep, join a gym or eat better.  Our intentions are good and we mean it when we say it, so why don’t we just do it?  For some it’s resolving to do too many things, overloading ourselves, unwittingly setting ourselves up for failure.   And when there is no way to be successful in our plan, then enters an overwhelming feeling of defeat, then giving up on all our plans for the whole year.  Defeated once again.  If this sounds like you, why not make it a bit easier on yourself this new year?

Resolve to do one thing and make it something important for example, your health.  Set that one goal, whether it’s to get more sleep, eat less carbohydrates which will reduce your weight, or take up some form of exercise like bicycling.  Just pick one thing.  ONE.  Then make your plan.  Be realistic.  Ask advice from a professional, such as your doctor, a coach, etc.  Ask your family and or friends to support you in your goal.  Take time everyday to make your plan fit into your schedule. You CAN do it!  Make your health your priority.  What could be more important to you and those that care about you?

WOMEN BICYCLING wishes you Health, Happiness and Success in reaching your Goal in 2019!

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