How To Change a Flat Tire

Are you prepared to change a flat?  If you said no, then you should probably expect a long walk home at some point.  Getting a flat tire on a ride is a matter of “if” not “when”.  Even the most conscientious of cyclists get a flat once in awhile.  It’s easy to prepare.   Start by purchasing a saddle bag large enough to hold a new tube, a set of levers and means to inflate the tube.  If you are not sure what size or type of tube to purchase, ask your local bike shop for assistance.

Your fellow cyclists are friendly helpful people that will more often than not offer to assist changing your flat if you are stranded.  At the very least you should have your saddle bag ready containing the appropriate gear.  Peace of mind comes however with knowing that if you get a flat you don’t have depend on a stranger, you can know how to change your own flat and continue your ride.  Click on the following link for a helpful instruction video:

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