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Autoimmune Walk 2018

The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association’s (AARDA) has launched whats known as the Auto Immune Walk nationwide to raise funds for a cure and raise awareness of the magnitude that these immune related diseases have on so many Americans. Immune diseases affect 1 in 5, that’s 20% or approximately 50 million Americans. AARDA encourages us all to get involved, because together WE CAN make a difference!


Take Part -Virtual Autoimmune Walk 2017!

Autoimmune diseases are more common among women, becoming more prevalent for reasons unknown. Some are rare and difficult to diagnose, others are commonly known, e.g., type 1 diabetes, lupus, multiplesclerosis, rheumatoidarthritis, celiacdisease to name a few.


RP The Ride of My Life

Do you know a special someone who somehow manages to smile, be kind, loving and generous all while fighting a rare disease?  Nancy is one of those special women.  Throughout her life she was...