What Is an Altor APEX Ti?

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The Altor APEX Ti is a state of the art high tech bicycle lock made of titanium and hardened steel.

Long rides are fun but exhausting and the last thing you want to carry with you is a heavy lock. The high-security of the Altor APEX Ti can give you peace of mind without weighing you down. So you can ride a little further, climb a little higher and reach those targets.

(c) Altor APEX Ti

What makes the APEX Ti truly unique is the Grade 5 titanium links that allow the lock to weigh just 1.5 pounds (715 grams) while maintaining a high level of security. The APEX Ti is the only lock on the market using Grade 5 titanium, a harder alloy of titanium than what is found in bicycle frames. This foldable lock extends to 30.7 inches that provides you a longer length, all while coming in at a fraction of the weight of standard U-locks.

The folding is made possible thanks to Altor’s patented Shield Joints™, a system of eight interlocking pieces made of both hardened steel and titanium. This joint system provides uncompromising protection while allowing the lock to wiggle in and around those tight spaces you’ll find at a bike rack. Folding also makes the lock a breeze to carry, either on the included frame mount or in a bag.


Altor has spared no expense in creating a truly premium product with the Altor APEX Ti. The level of detail can be seen in the lock housing which contains a best-in-market disc detainer lock internals and is finished with laser engraved details. A disc detainer lock is widely considered the hardest kind of lock to pick and ensures no would-be thief is going to pick their way to your bike.

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Additional details which you may appreciate is the ability to order multiple locks keyed alike and even the ability to daisy-chain two more locks together to reach around trees or light posts.

c) Altor APEX Ti

While the lock costs $189, the weight savings alone may be worth it. You can easily save several pounds versus another lock of similar security. The level of design and American engineering put into each lock is also unparalleled and each lock is backed by excellent customer service.

Altor Locks’ headquarters and manufacturing is in Sterling Virginia, just 30 minutes outside of downtown Washington, DC.  Founded in 2015 at Lehigh University, Altor Locks is a women and minority owned company. Karen Schaufeld teamed up with Dylan Cato to create a lightweight, high security premium lock for those who have discerning tastes.

(c) Altor APEX Ti

The APEX Ti is available in 6 different finishes including bare titanium, black and signature Altor blue.

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