Korean Girl Travels the World by Bike for 6 Years!

Throughout history there are women from every corner of the world who inspire others.  Some hungry for adventure never content to live each day without exploring the world around them.   One such unassuming lady from South Korea has become an inspiration to men, women and children around the world for having cycled more than 37,000 +miles (60,000+ km) through 66 countries taking a pic every 621 miles (1,000km).  She has been traveling by bicycle for more than six years now!


When asked why she chose to travel by bicycle she said she felt traveling by car was much too fast and walking much too slow.  Jin didn’t own a bike when she lived at home.  She acquired a work visa in Canada where she was able to save $12,000 after working for one year.  From Canada she flew to San Francisco in September 2011 to purchase a bike, tent, Pannier and other supplies for her adventure.

After a good cry in her tent on day two she felt the full weight of difficulty she had heaped upon herself and resolved to commit to this adventure for one month.  She improved day by day and became more confident, she  spent the next sixteen months cycling across the U.S. and Latin America.  There were those who awakened her fears about crossing the border into Mexico, yet somehow she summoned the courage to press on.  Jin learned instead that despite what people say there are many good people in the world.   She has managed to raise funds to continue her adventure cycling (six years now) with monies from a WordPress site she created online and a Paypal account to collect funds from those who follow her travels online having been inspired by her courage and resolve to keep going.  These six years cycling around the world have taught Jin that her friends are the people she just met while drinking tea or beer with and her home is where she is now.  Happy Trails to you Jin!

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