8 Best Bike Rides in SoCal

Most of the following bike routes will be familiar to avid cyclists in Southern California.  Be aware of your fitness level before venturing out onto any one of the mountainous routes listed in the following link.  The image shown (adjacent) is a view from the Ballona Creek Bike Path in Marina Del Rey.  From here you can easily continue southbound crossing over the Del Rey Bridge and follow the bike path which hugs the beautiful Southern California coastline providing views of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beaches.  This is a flat ride with a constant ocean view.  If you stay on this path to it’s end you will pass the Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach Piers.  Remember there is no cycling on the Pier.  If you decide to walk away from your bike for any reason anywhere along your ride, always remember to lock your bike.
To head off in another direction from the Ballona Creek Path, take the paved path between the apts and the marshland to find yourself at the end of the street Fiji Way (a cul de sac).  There you will discover another well traveled bike route albeit a public street for a short street ride.  Here you will pass Fisherman’s Village and just a little further a free car parking lot known as “Dock 52”   Turn left from the bike lane just before reaching Admiralty Way to connect with the Marvin Braude Bike Path.  Follow the Marvin Braude Path cross over Admiralty Way.  At the paths end you can either turn back or to continue on public streets to great eating and shopping.
To Read More about bike paths in Southern California, visit the following link –  http://laist.com/2016/05/25/best_bike_rides.php

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