Reigniting Passion for Cycling in China and the World

Chinese start-up companies are not only reigniting a passion for bicycling in China, but exporting their ideas worldwide.  Hu Weiwei, Founder of Mobike, along with Davis Wang, Co-founder and CEO, and Yiping Xia, Co-founder and CTO of are three such entrepreneurs.

January 4, 2017, Mobike announced the closing of a $215M US Series D Financing package bringing to date a $325M US total investment, making Mobike the best funded company in its industry globally, and first in the world to develop smart bike technology.  Mobikes trial operations began in Shanghai in late 2015, with an official launch in Spring of 2016, then expanded across nine cities in China in nine short months.  Those nine cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Ningbo, Foshan, Xiamen, and Wuhan.
What is Mobike?  Mobike is the first and largest bike-sharing company in the world, whose mission it is to bring more bikes to more cites, making it a convenient transportation choice for urban residents, while remaining mindful, that Mobike is a friend to our environment.  Remarkably the Mobike is an extremely durable and maintenance-free bicycle, equipped with GPS and proprietary smart-lock technology, allowing the rider to not only locate and unlock the bike, but lock it again with their smartphone once they reach their destination, allowing the next rider to do the same.
According to Mobike’s Co-Founder and CEO Davis Wang, “Our mission is to bring more bikes to more cities, using our innovative technology to make cycling the most convenient and environmentally friendly transportation choice for urban travlers.  I’m delighted that our investors, which include some of the world’s best known companies, share our vision for improving urban living, and also share our confidence in the massive potential of our platform.  Mobike has the most sophisticated smart bike sharing technology globally, and we look forward to bringing bikes to more cities around the world in the months ahead as we ramp up our expansion into more cities in China and internationally.”
Those far-sighted investors include China’s leading companies in transport and travel sectors which include; Tencent, Ctrip, Huazhu Hotels Group and their aim is to increase traveler’s ability to get around cities with ease, to explore and discover while unlocking new growth opportunities and providing seamless short distance travle experiences for the people of China and the world.  For more information visit –


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