Cycling City Streets and Rules of the Road

While cycling in any community it is important to know the law, also referred to as “Rules of the Road.”  These Rules of the Road are dictated by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in every state.  Please refer to your states Rules for further information.  Here are the Rules for cyclists in California – (
It’s not uncommon to see cyclists in every community riding a bike down the wrong side of the street. In fact, some cyclists think because they can, they should weave in and around stopped traffic as they cross busy streets or cycle wildly through intersections racing from the street to sidewalk and back again to get where they want to go faster than anyone else.   No one knows what to expect from this cyclist because they are ignoring the Rules of the Road.  Do you know which is the “wrong side” of the road?  To ride against traffic or towards oncoming cars is the wrong side.  Some cyclists do this because they are afraid of being hit from behind, however it is against the law and you could be ticketed for this practice.  To be fair, there are many more motorists who are comfortable with ignoring the Rules of the Road.  It’s about time that cyclists and motorists alike remember what  “sharing the road” means.  We must each one of us take it upon ourselves to abide by the same vehicle code period!
Do you know if it lawful in your community to ride on the sidewalk because you feel safer there?   The answer to this question varies from city to city. Contact the city you plan to ride in when planning your route.  Should you wear a helmet?  Can you continue cycling down the street when you see a stop sign or street light ahead because you don’t see any cars around?  Just as a driver in a car must know the Rules of the Road as listed in their states (D.M.V.) Drivers Handbook so must the cyclist.  Expect to be ticketed if you ignore or disobey the law.
Would you be surprised to know that cyclists ticketed pay the same dollar amount in fines for as motorists do?  Obeying the Rules of the Road is key to knowing what others will do when driving a car or riding a bike.  Stay safe – ride safe!


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